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rubbin arches help - nick

im now lowered only on 15s but my front left wheel rubs on full lock turning right? why? how come the other side doesnt too?
how do i stop it.. preferably without removing the arch inner

ben was it the left side you bumped? i had the same problem with my fiesta which was hit on one side, your already running spacers arent you?

sorry i cant offer any more help


alright mate.
rubbing is most likely due to the offset off ya wheels being a little off pushing the wheels a little further in then usual.or u damaged the steering and tracking when you pranged it. how much you lowered it. anyway mine used to rub only on right side but no preventing it really as mine rubbed on the chassis but its all worn away now and no rubbing on either side now. should be fine

  BMW 320d Sport

When mine was -35mm on 15s I never got any rub ever? Weird. Did you have the rubbing before you stacked it??

no rubbing before but it wasnt lowered then, the whole front end been pretty much replaced so theres no damage left anywhere, i know the offset could be different but ive got spacers to push em back out... sooo strange, and no it wasnt even that side that got battered

Mine is not lowered on 16s and I get rubbing on right hand lock. It is the inside edge of the front of the wheel, that is rubbing against arch liner, bit between engine and wheels front inner edge. Take liners out or put up with it, thats all you can do.

Alex M

p.s cable tie it to the bar that it clips onto, as this stopped the worst of it on mine, seems to ballon with air, making it stick further in toward wheel when car is in motion.

Alex M

mines standard, but for some reason rubs on the mud flaps on the front still, just before u get to full lock, on full lock not a sound

5mm spacers cause it was originally rubbing on the inside, now rubs on the removable front bit ( behind the fogs )
think its 36 or 38 offset