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Safe to use body just parts in primer?

is it safe to use a bonnet that is just primers on a car for everyday use?

i ask cos im fittin a new ph3 bonnet and its just primered ready for paint but cant afford paint for month or so, and i dont wanna end up fekkin my bonnet by using it unpainted

should be fine for everyday use, but it would need re primerririring before its painted again. I wouldnt leave it just primered for a long time either, and try and cover it up in the rain....
  mk2 ph1
Yeh it should be ok for a little while, my vent got weathered quite bad and now has blisters in the paint though. Maybe look to spray it matt black or something to give extra protection and imo will look better than primer. Then like fubar said rub it down and re-prime it so you dont get any paint rections later on.
  monaco blue 172 ..
As above mate ,as primer isn't waterproof ,and could cause microblisters if not prepped again ......
  Punto/Clio GTT
its called an e-coat. cant be removed with any solvents whatsoever as it bonds with the actual panel in a lock n key mechanism. has to be physically removed with abrasives.. so rain is fine yes lol
  Mustang, S13, AX GT
but it'll look poop before you paint it, so dont put it on until you can paint it ;)
well its on, and tbh it looks pretty good, had crap weather here too and hasnt done a think!

ill get a pic up later, looks quite funky with a matt black bonnet, seeing as my car is pearl black as it is!