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Sapre session for rollers at Northern RR day on Saturday

  TT 225

Unfortunately my car has no gear box, so I wont be needing my time on the Rollers.

Good news is that my car is actually at the Garage where your RR day is, so I will still be there, and so will my car!

Oooh, just think, 150(ish) bhp at the fly and NO losses thru transmission! LMAO

Ah, you have to laugh at these things...

See you all on Saturday
  TT 225

Yea! Was thinking that would be the best thing to do, just pop down on Saturday and he can pay me

I have my printout from the same RR (when my gearbox worked) so if anyone wants to compare stuff we can

See ya there

have to clear it with Brun first, cause the car is a Honda CRX, if i remember right brun said summat about being renaults only? brun?

Just to put another name forward for this... Neil Plant (Neil172 on here) in his CLIO V6...

You did get here first The Monk, but it would be a shame not to have the V6 there and have a nasty lil Honda there instead!!! ;-)

I gather Neil is gonna give Brun a shout later to see what is happening.

Clio V6 with a ClioSport member - you know it makes sense :)

Update... I have squared it with Brun for V6 Neil to have the spot... just waiting for Neil to get back to me for definite.

The Monk, shall we say a definite yes or no from Neil by 12:00 tomorrow, and if he hasnt got back to me then you can sort out with Brun / Kelly as I dont want to say yes for him then he cant make it and Kelly be out of pocket because of me, but it would be sweet to have the V6 there!!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

im back guys, sorry i aint been here sooner but ive been at my g/fs all night an her phone line is down, grrrrr

anywayz, yea its fine by me as long as its ok with Kelly, an it seems it is

im sorry to say i will be giving priority to any Renault willing to take up the space, as this is a Renault Sports Club and Clio Sport joint event

can you sort it Mark with Neil so he can email me or text me, a call will most likely be useless but if i have his number from a text i can get back to him as i will be working tomorrow and very busy afterwards
  Skoda Fabia vRS

oh, an i presume Kelly realises this, but if the spot isnt filled then she will of course receive a refund from R.E, probably in the form of discount on the gear box work
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Neil, ive stuck you down for a full English

could you text me mate so i have your mobile number

07764 741467
  TT 225

Captain, sorry matey I not been home to post the thing, will bring it anyway to the RR day, if youre there you can have a look

If not i try and post it sunday. Brun knows what im like for not ever being home...

See ya all on Saturday

Oh, and the V6 is welcome to my place Could do with any extra money anyways to pay for the bloody car

Any donations appreciated!! LOL