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Sat nav on phone

Anyone on here using a smart phone with bluetooth GPS for satnav?? opiniions please, a mate has a Siemens SX1 symbian phone I could get very cheap so am tempted to try it whilst saving for pioneer setup!

Whats the best software?! anyway of getting demos or **ahem** evaluation copies?!!

come on guys all the talk of bluetooth gps receivers!! somone must be able to give me some tips!!

looking for advice on software, ideally where i can find a demo just to try out for a bit!
pm if you prefer
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S

noel-pilot: Did you decide to ignore geoff_clio182? :confused:

Alot of people on here will recomend TomTom, and TomTom do do SmartPhone software

no not at all, not ignoring him, i agree with him tomtom do do a version for smartphones, just im looking for some advice and opinions from anyone on here that has used them