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Saving another 172.

Browsing Facebook last week I stumbled across this. 02 plate flame red 172, been in the family from new. Totally original, hasn’t been messed around with which is becoming almost unheard of now.

it’s been parked up since 2016 and hasn’t turned a wheel since. Was being sold as a non runner.

I quickly messaged the seller and said I’ll have it. Arranged delivery from Essex to Wiltshire for £170 which was pretty good.

The car arrived today, pleasantly surprised at how good it actually is.

Well, I'm not sure if I'm happy for you or pissed that I've spent the last two years trying to tidy my flamer up, I'm not sure it will ever be as tidy as this one. Fancy a swap?

It doesnt even look faded like mine😫
I've just noticed the weird Clifford alarm and the lack of a standard alarm bonnet switch, did some 172s not get them fitted at the docks then?

What that car is screaming out for is a selector leak, I'm sure it's in its plans at some point! Not bitter here...not one bit!😆
Interesting spot Dom, remember these were new at the height of parallel imports from mainland Europe. We used to sell hundreds of new U.K. ‘spec’ cars through the back door. They wouldn’t of come through the U.K. import centre managed by ‘CAT’ as such wouldn’t have had the port side upgrades such as U.K. alarm. You can usually tell by the front page of the service book.
If/when you decide to move this on, can I join the inevitable interested list? I’d love a standard car. My wife wouldn’t. But I would.
Fantastic work so far!

Paint the wiper arms & plastic covers satin black. I used Gtechniq C4 on my front grille which was badly faded and brought it back to black.

Looking forward to the next update.
Looks really clean mate. I'd be tempted to have the wheel retrimmed by Snappy? What's your plans for the interior? Following with interest!

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