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Saxo Turbo


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Lad local to me has a Pug 106 with about 360bhp. Should be going in Evo mag soon! MENTAL power in small cars always makes me laugh!
  Mk2 Escort
Haha, only a matter of time for that video to appear here. Known Wayne a while, good lad and has spent a small fortune on that car. It did blow a fuel injector out on the way home though but is all fixed now. Cant speak highly enough of Atspeed racing. Great attention to detail and very impressive mapping skills. They have a red 106 with circa 500Bhp and a white rallye they are working on for FCS will be making roughly the same.
Glad my car is going to them then!!!


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Fair play. That is a f**king beast!!!! Saxo or not, I want that. Proper geeks like, can't imagine that tuner driver guy popping up on fast & furious!

'Well jel'.


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I think that's what makes it better.

He'll get some snob in his 'prestige' Renault Clio having a go and he'll be able to blow them into next week!

Lol, I'm aware that I drive a Clio.

But Saxo's are the biggest piles of sh*t going. I couldn't care less if it could blow Veyrons into next week, I would rather walk.

All IMO of course, I understand alot of people like them and say they are great cars/great to drive etc. I just despise them.

Although by stripping it he has vastly improved the interior.
  Mk2 Escort
Lovely kid Wayne is.

Spent years saving a small fortune, he has the best of the best when it comes to parts

Thats why he bought my old suspension! Only the best. I understand alot of people hate these cars but im one of the people that love them, yes for what ive spent on mine i could of bought a modified a clio but i like the saxo. As does Wayne.

The rest of the car looks like this:





BE Picasso Box with a gripper diff to handle the power.

And a full carbon roof skin:


His thread for those that are interested:
  120d M Sport
A lad I know has a turbo converted 106, also done mostly with ATspeed. That's running about 250bhp, I went in it when it was running low boost at around 220bhp, was stunned, seeing 140 on the dials whilst you're strapped into a tin shell is quite disconcerting!
  LY R26 230 F1 Team
Emmense power for bragging rights, but I just couldnt find the love in my heart to get into something like this EVERY day.

As fast as cars like this are, you pull up in your Saxo and it's still a Saxo no matter whats under the bonnet or however much money you chuck at it.

Full respect to the guy for doing it, just not my cup o' tea.


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Bit of a strong word to say s**t cars,especially on a clio forum.

I think with the money spent on a certain car a proton could be a proper quick car,and much improved.Still a proton but a quick one.