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Saxo VTS vs Clio 16v

  mk2 172

its just happened, yes iv just raced clio 16v boy off the forums. bet ya just dyin to know who won arent ya???????????????????????

Whats the Valver like?

Minter? Big wheels? Shagged? Ever RRd? A quick one? A slow one? Just like the VTS, the 16v varies.

Id have thought that a 16v would have beaten it - just.
  mk2 172

iv got a mini dv camcorder, i got it in a sale for 450 quid, then some dv for about 20, a carry case and something else. came to £500. youll also need a firewire card for your pc, about 20-25 quid from the right place. then after you get bored of windows sh*tty movie maker you can get pinnacle studio 8 for good editing. iv recently got this so id copy it if need be. its expensive but its worth it for all the memories you can save of various things, youll need a big hard drive though.

  mk2 172

ben - a vts has a faster 0-100 than 16v but a slower 0-60, which sorta say summat about the 16v having the better top end