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i was just minding my own business on the approach to one of my fave roads in deepest cheshire (chelford to holmes chapel if anyone knows it) when a chap in a w plate scooby estate tootles past me. at first i thought, well, its wet, ive got no chance, then i thought, lets have a little go. through the first couple of twisties it was close then i just managed to put the power down a little earlier though the exit and get a little drag before a long straight, overtook at about !10, back of the net! maybe he wasnt trying too hard or maybe his missus gave him a bollocking but it tasted sweet anyway.


Well done Im yet to find a willing or worthy opponent to unleash my little french thing on! (Sorry a little Alan Partdridge)

if it was a W plate then it is the old shape, he cant have been trying sorry to say, + sorry to drag this topic back up, thats the problem with road racing you can never tell if the other person is trying, i own an Impreza P1 and ive had clios , CTR try to race me and just cos i dont give chase they probably go round saying " i pissed on a P1 today" etc, might be belivable if it was a standered new shape WRX as they are slow, but the fact its an old shape and in the wet just sounds even more like the driver wasnt trying but like i first said whats the point in saying if you cant tell they were really trying
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i raced a p1 in my rather fast wiliams, he was toying with me off the roundabouts but he was also shocked at how hard i was to pass on the straights after he let me go first, im not saying it was too hard for him to pass but he wasnt exactly flying past, raced loads of old shape scoobs though, and the p1 was the fastest.

I chomped on the arse of a standard Y reg WRX yesterday. There really was nothing in it in truth, although I had to back off a couple of times.

Keep it up, girls!

Yup, have previously been pushing along a 51-reg WRX up to high speeds (though it was sooooooo much better than me on roundabouts!). But the old-shape WRX is a very different matter. And I doubt it being an estate would give a Clio any more hope of not being totally destroyed either!
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i have the same prob yoz2a mate lol

most peeps round here got wasted/shocked by me once n wont play any more

didnt really fancy posting this cos i knew everyone will say "he wasnt trying etc." but here goes....

on the m60 going home when a new scoob WRX shot past( i was chilling out as oil temp was reaching 80) then i though why not and gave chase. he was coming off at my slip road (Cheadle for anyone who cares) and we were stuck behnd a car before the road splits into two lanes, when it did he shot off with me right behind him, the road has a gradual bend to left, then a major to the right.....and coming out of the major bend to the right i was in front after being behind entering the slip road. i think he was trying because he was weaving around traffic and i know i was on the verge of grip so god knows what he was like. think it boils down to driver balls though cos i came out of the experience litteraly shaking!!! i think the thought of a four-wheel drift into the hard shoulder may have retricted his right foot but that will teach him to get to know his car better b4 taking on the might of a clio:D

Well done..

I think Mr scoobyp1 was being overly defensive, i dont remember pugboy mentioning WRX anywhere in his post? Standard impreza turbos wont show any noticeable difference over a cup or 172. They are also immensly ugly and are driven by people fooled into thinking they can drive properly.

"They are also immensly ugly "

Hmmm, I think they look the titties, personally( not that I am biased of course! ). My MY97 was definitely marginally faster than the Cup. Coming to think of it, it was frickin awesome. I remember when my mate turned up in his brand spankin WRX STi Type-R v5 back in December 98, and we went for a bit of a run-in in the middle of the night. The STi was a little quicker than my UK scoob, but the difference was so small that he later sold it and bought himself a humble 115 grand 911 Turbo S, which needless to say is the fastest f**kin thing I have ever driven. Even the EVO6 didnt stand a chance on long straights against that monster. But then... 115 grand... lol!:)

a Uk turbo is still marginally quicker than a clio, and in the wet i imagine its greatly more so quicker, thats what i was trying to say , but how many of you out there really think racing on the road proves anything?, i am yet to meet one of these clio willaims on the road but i know what theyre capable of in standered trim but a P1 or WRX STi beater they aint, and if you think im being biased you just have to look at the specs and performance. saying that clio drivers are up there own arses would be unfair, you just have to check out a honda civic type R forum for that:D


I always wait until at least 80 before i cain it. It normally sits at a 100 driving normally.

Hmmmm i was going to comment here but..... i know which one would have the advantage, the one without the woman passenger as ive scared one or two women in my car and i was stationary! (ok ive also done it whilst driving too!).


i dont take revs past 3k until oil temp is past 80, usually sits at around hundred when driving normally. when oil temp is past 60 i may take revs up to 4k if needed

Never seen an S2000 on the road but i imagine it wouldnt be too much of a problem if it was standered. Not saying the P1 is the best car in the world but it aint bad , 0-60 4.6 secs, 155mph limited and 280 bhp.

In regard to the S2000 as a standered UK turbo(old shape basically before 2001 bug eye) is about even if not marginally quicker, I used to have a MY00 Turbo PPP, Prodrive Performance pack, which is basically an upgrade which keeps the warranty, but gives you a less restrictive exhaust system, so more low end torque and improved acceleration and top speed.

What do you guys make of the Civic Type R?, you guys come across any on the road what do you make of them , as they seem to think they can beat pretty much anythng as soon as they hit there magic V-tec zone;)


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I was a passenger in a very quick car today, which belongs to a mate of my local garage owner and it is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6 Tommy Makinen. It is red and apparently there are only five in this colour and it went like a rocket and being female, I found it very scary!!


Someones having you on then Girl racer!

ive seen a few red TMEs so there are definately more than 5, if anything the black ones are the rare ones.

ScoobyP1, the P1 isnt limited to 155mph, this has been proven (like the MY00 turbo is limited to 147mph, try off the clock at 7k rpm!)

The S2000 is rare, there is one around here but like any honda, in gear its gutless and by the time you give it some stick your gone and its history! (BTW i own an MY00 PPPd scoob with a "sports dp" which is as quick as a P1 but i dont fancy the unreliability of a P1, rather the performance and reliability of an S202 ta!)


scooby p1, tb1,

how about if i now said my dad has a modded scooby at about 300bhp, with the works done to the chassis and suspension for handling.. he has come across one and it shocked him too! he really had to gun it to beat it and was not passing it by to greater speed when he did either!! 220bhp, rev to 9000.. would leave the civic type r behind!


im not saying u wouldnt beat one, but get ya gearing wrong and ud be quite surprised... remember n/a engines dont get turbo lag like yours so can get a jump on things and u have quite a heavy car compared to most on here!

5 TME? 2 mates got 2 in NZ ... yeh agree Black is rare even in Evo 7 shape...... E7 whitei s the easiest colour n then its grey , red, blue , yellow n then black

Ben j,

there is an S2000 round here, to be honest with you, standing start i know id be quicker (i can get into the 13 sec 0-100 mark quite easily) and my in gear performance would leave one standing, on the road though i think there wouldnt be much in it, if i got in the right gear first i would be quicker, if he/she did i would catch them but only in top gear as i still pull considerably more torque than an S2000 so i would have a distinct advantage there (not saying that i wouldnt catch them in 3 or 4th gear though).

S2000 is a quick car, not a fast car (and its gutless with the torque available at 7.5krpm of 151lbs, dead below 6k so what a waste of a rev range..... mine on the other hand has 180lbs at 2k up to 240+lbs at 4k and 220lbs at 6.5k, considerably a better drive).

  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah the Y-reg bug eyed standard WRX scoobs are slow boats. I toasted one of those ages ago and no body believed me on here!!! grrrrrrr. Well, now you know, it can be done!

Raced and was toasted by the 261 bhp Sti new jobbys with a woman driving it, oh no! she ran from the petrol station counter to her car to race me as i was leaving the shell garage! her husband mustve been loving it.

My friends Pulsar with 265 bhp leaves me quite easily now and he eats subarus for breakfast. :)

I think the power to weight ratio of the bug-eyed WRX is much lower than the old skool scooby. But saying that I understand that it is quite easy to mod. a WRX for not too much money and get close to 300 bhp. In this guise the WRX will be quicker than a UK sti and thats confirmed from a vert respectful scooby source ;-)

Those pulsars are awesome cars very fast so ive heard but i hear its very hard to find a good example of 1 around, and a WRX could probably be tuned to go faster than a standered STi but once you start modding the STi im sure it would be faster

Quote: Originally posted by scoobyP1 on 03 January 2003

what do you guys make of the Civic Type R?, you guys come across any on the road what do you make of them , as they seem to think they can beat pretty much anythng as soon as they hit there magic V-tec zone;)
PMSL - think most of them were saxo owners

Quote: Originally posted by Simon on 04 January 2003

I think the power to weight ratio of the bug-eyed WRX is much lower than the old skool scooby. But saying that I understand that it is quite easy to mod. a WRX for not too much money and get close to 300 bhp. In this guise the WRX will be quicker than a UK sti and thats confirmed from a vert respectful scooby source ;-)

STIs have better diffs, less loses through transmission and closed deck blocks if you a lucky one. They are quicker and produce more power when tuned the same as or equal to a WRX. Anyway, i know what i would sooner have.

Dont think a 172 would beat a classic shaped scooby (well i know that for a fact ) or the new shaped (MY03) scooby. Cup, might beat a standard bug eye once on the move though !

Jonto, your correct there mate!

What i will say to add to that though is that a Uk STi7 with PPP is an extremely quick car (ie it is actually rated quicker by .1 of a second to 100 than the E46 M3).

There are less transmission losses and the new STis have semi close decked blocks, a 6 speed box which is very good and keeps the car in the rev range plus for a heavy car it will scare alot of cars out there that think they are quicker!