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My mate picked up his new toy yesterday, jammy b*****d!! Just as i get a 172 to keep up with his gti-6 he goes out and ups the game again, git.

I cant believe how good the scooby sounds, its got 600 quids worth of prodrive exhaust and sounds the mutts. All cars should sound this good. And fark me is it rapid! I thought my 172 was pretty handy but this thing blows it into the weeds. Again, GIT!

Anyone lend us a tenner so i can buy a scud missile to keep up

I assume TB1 is out with Virgil and Scott on some kind of rescue mission involving Lady Penelope and a highly unlikely logging machine / supersonic jet plane. In the meantime TB11 is standing in... :)
  Revels Mum & Sister

I think people dig it into scoobys a bit much, The 172 will become more common as time passes. Look how long the 172 has been out in relation to the Scooby.

I still love scoobys. Old man owns one and took it for a blast to the coast today. I personally love the cars and would like one! But......

Havent got deep pockets like my old man so will have to wait!

I dont see many 172s around, maybe 1 or 2 a week, ive seen more V6s than mk1 172s!

Not a scooby fan myself, theyre fast cars though.
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Id love one but if i had that sort of money itd have to be either a 300zx twin turbo, Cossie, Supra or an S2000!

How many 16vs do u see? Less than 2 a month on the roads! :eek:
  Williams 2, STi N12

Got my ickle Williams for the road and a full-on GrpN ex-Prodrive Scoob for the loose stuff.

Best of both worlds me thinks.

I respect the old one, but the new bog standard £21k WRX is not convincingly faster than a hot hatch, especially since its 4WD gives greater transmission loss - though it does offer the benefits of said 4WD.
  BMW 320d Sport

Nice but very common. I seem to see as many Scoobies as Saxos around at the moment. Not that I dont like Scoobies, I think theyre wicked, just that there are a lot about.

Yup Millions of em - cheap imports kicking about with tempting to weak minded people;) God knows how I havent owned one..yet then!
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Any Jap import will rob u blind at the petol pump though!

Not many black Scoobies, thatd be my choice of colour if i wanted one then.

My car is much more exclusive.
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

True, cheap (relativly) & amazingly fast.

Older ones are nicer looking & with an insurance group of 17/18 for a car that fast is bonkers. I must admit itd tempt me if i could insure it. Only 18, but a Cossie or a 300ZX isnt being a sheep.

Has a race with a Turbo scooby, model before the bug eyed one on a dual carriageway - saw him coming, waited till he was about 20/30 yards behind then floored it in 4th - stretched a 150 yard gap and maintained that all the way to the limiter in 5th! He done the indicator shuffle and flashe the lights - think he was impressed to say the least, coz he wasnt gaining. Thats the secong turbo scooby Ive met. The previous week on the same stretch of road met a Focus ST170 - alot easier to pull away from! Still want a new STi though - top car especially with all the prodrive extras!