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Scorpion RS192, my 1st experience


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182 arctic
hey guys and gals.
just thought i would share my experience with fitting the scorpion rs192 and what i feel it it like. 1st of all i have never fitted an exhaust before i my life and all i had was axel stands and basic tools (except maybe a grinder).
Old exhaust of 1st - grind infront of the rear beam, slide out, simple.

New exhaust - i fitted the left back box 1st by inserting the hanger bar into the rear mount and letting it rest on the rear beam, then slotted the right back box into the 2 rubber mounts at the rear of that box then the other 1 near the tail pipe then slotted both boxes together. added the stabiliser bar between the boxes, rough fit.
next i slotted the centre section into the new back boxes making sure to slot it into the hanger as it went, whap aload of silicone on the cat join and clamped the centre section tightly. then its just a matter of getting the tail pipes to sit where you want them to and tightening everything up.

it sounds quite nice, it really is not loud but makes a nice burble when starting the car, from the front you wouldnt really know a new exhaust was on. when giving it some beans it makes the car sound a bit more 'meaty' NOT AT ALL CHAVVY. the fit was perfect tbh. some people have mentioned it is a b***h to fit, i never experienced this, had it all off and on in under 2 and a half hours, tailpipes sitting nice even after a half hour drive, would reccommend. :D