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Scraping noise from front end (after flood water)


ClioSport Club Member
Hi, I've been a member for a couple of years and have made use of this forum a lot, so thank you! First time I'm posting..

I had to travel out during storm Christoph last week in an emergency. Through snow and flood waters unfortunately, in my 182.
The car was absolutely fine and had no problems after. I was very careful.
It had been parked up for about 10 days and now has a loud scraping noise and what sounds like a worn wheel bearing from the front end (low grinding noise and scraping). I pulled up as soon as I heard it.
I'm thinking it can't be a damaged wheel bearing because that's usually progressive over time and doesn't exhibit scraping noises usually. Perhaps there's dirt which needs removing from the drive shaft etc? Has anyone any good ideas about where to look when I remove the front wheels later? I know, I'll probably end up taking it to the garage to be sure nothing's seriously wrong.


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  2012 Renault Clio
How far have you driven? Are you sure it’s not just a bit of rust on the brakes?


ClioSport Club Member
I drove about 2 miles, tried the brakes a fair few times to a complete stop to see if it made a difference but it didn't. The brakes were stuck initially so it's a good shout, perhaps I need to just grin and bear it for a bit, just didn't want to be causing any damage


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  Titanium 182
I had a monumental grinding noise last year when my abs rings were corroded that much that a piece had come off and got stuck between itself and the hub.

Could feel it through the whole car and sounded worse than it actually was.


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks for the replies. I'll have a good butchers later.
@JamesBryan did any warning lights come on/codes? The engine management light came on at the same time as the grinding noise, I didn't mention it because it points to the lambda sensor P0136 code


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  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
This may sound like an obvious question, but have you looked under it? I had this once and it was nothing more than the sump tray hanging down and touching the road.
Good shout about the undertray or maybe even a wheel arch liner.
I had the wheel arch liner scraping after a garage had done some work and not fastened it back properly. I thought one of the wheels was gonna fall off lol


ClioSport Club Member
Your eml probably came on because the lambda lost its signal for a second, probably because it was submerged in water.
So I couldn't get the wheels off because a) work b) newborn baby 🤣

Tried deleting the lambda error code but it keeps appearing instantly.
There's no trim rubbing against anything, nor anything out of the ordinary. Took it out for a drive. No change in the noise. I tried to record it... Not sure if that's worth uploading but here you go.

Thanks for the responses. I'll probably send it into the garage for them to tell me what's up


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