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Scratch removal pen (Mantis JML)

As everyone has probably seen on TV/in shops that JML have brought out this pen that supposedly remove the scratch... so does it work???

Has anyone tried it? if so would you recommend it or is it a load of rubbish ?

Is it worth a tenner just to try it as I have a fair few scratches that aren't "too" deep that I would like to get rid of before FCS

For those that may not have seen it here it is:
  Clio 172 cup
Does absolutely f**k all apart from add a tiny sliver of silicone in the scratch. This somehow hides the scratch for a couple of weeks then it reappearers when the silicone washes out
  Silver Clio 172 Phase 1
I thought this was basically laquer in a pen? so it leaves a strip of laquer over the scratch which is just as noticeable as the scratch itself?
The Mrs had one for her car a few years back from JML wasnt called mantis back then though.