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Screeching noise at start up

  2000 1.4 Clio
I have a 2000 1.4 Clio. It's just ordinary and is nothing special.

When I start the engine I get a low pitched screeching noise that lasts for the same amount of time every time (1 second). It does it then stops, I don't need to do anything, it just does it then stops every time I start the car.

I am not worried it's anything serious because it would get worse or would be present at other times but it's not.

I've read that it could be the AUX belt but I'm not sure. I am a novice with mechanics so any answers, please give me a quick idea of what you mean.

Any ideas?
  LY Megane R26
Most people will suggest the aux belt side of things. That usually makes a screeching noise. As you've already read that's the common suggestion

I had a similar type of issue on my 106 Rallye, it turned out to be the starter motor causing the noise, once changed the noise went.

I think it's the starter bendix they call it if I remember right it's something internally on the starter, if it is that it won't cause any issues an could last a while before the starter actualy packs up, I left mine for ages before changing it, well the obvious issue is if it does fail then you won't be able to start your car lol, I just changed my cause the noise was irritating and for piece of mind it wouldn't fail some where stupid and inconvenient

So you could always look there

Thats from my experience anyway, not sure what else it could be.