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Seat Leon Cupra R

mmmm.. well. lets see.
the Cupra R is heavier, yet more powerful.
it has more "luxurious" stuff on the inside, nice set of wheels and tires.
all in all i feel its a step forward in comparisson with CLIO 172

the only thing i do NOT like about the CLIO is its small interior and minor things that are not powered.

maybe ull feel "safer" in the CUPRA R, at least thats the way it looks, but i mean.. if ur comfortable with your clio, then what do need to change it for. has GREAT acceleration, great torque, handling, its NOT that heavy and there r lots of things to install on the clio.
on the other side, ull feel that disturbing lag from the Turbo, and of course youll have to pay MORE attention to the CUPRA bc of this.

were talkin bout a more luxurious car. theres no direct comparassion between them. if u want the cupra, y dont u rather get an R32.


I persuaded a mate to buy one and he picked it up a week ago. Needless to say, I have driven it here there and everywhere.

I can highly recommend it, in gear acceleration is quicker than the Cup and the Civic, its very sure-footed, looks the business, great driving position, loads of space, good ride, and slightly numb steering, but awesome brakes.

If you want a very fast cross-country blaster, the Cupra-R is it!:)

Quote: Originally posted by geoff_clio172 on 24 December 2002

What is everyones opinion of this car? Thinking about getting one as a company, but might mean the 172 has to go :(
You need to wait for that Ibiza Cupra R that we saw at the Motor Show... and NOOOOOOO..... DONT DO IT!!!!
  Silver Fabia vRS

LOL Mark!

Im going to pop into my local SEAT garage on Sat as I think they have a demo one and give it a whirl....Rumors of a 250bhp one coming out next year is what I will be asking about!

If I get one first mod will be a dump valve......psssssssst!

newest one out is the 210 bhp leon, and is very very very very very very very very very very quick! huge rims, oval exhaust, all as standard!!!!! Booooooooooo, at the mo thou ill stick with my ibiza
  Silver Fabia vRS

Just been into the garage and the demostrater was sold last week and they are hard to source as they are only making 500 per year for the UK. Waiting time is 12-15 weeks. Saw one that was in the garage for a service and had the Recaros in it. Very nice but it was in Black and I would probably go for the Yellow one.

Dealer was very helpful and said he will give me a ring if he can source a test drive.

i had a race with one in my cup, and pished all over it 30 - 99 and then standing start, I had passenger, as did he.

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Same stats as a normal 172, slightly slower to 100 but tops out at 146. Looks very good up close, had a look around one at a Seat stand at a show. Nice but was too big for my current needs.

Definately a very nice car, but in black not yellow.

na yellow then get sum black tints drug dealer style , its got the family guy image dont u think? coarse u would beat it on a standing start urs is lighter and no lag , was it the new 1 wiv the oval exhaust ?
  Silver Fabia vRS

On paper the Cupra R is the same as a normal 172 but in EVO the in gear times are quicker than a Clio Cup. From a standing start the Cup is quicker, but I have to say the Cupra R looks the dogs.

Clio Cup - 40 to 60 in 3rd = 4.2 secs

Cupra R - 40 to 60 in 3rd = 3.2 secs

Clio Cup - 60 to 80 in 4th = 5.7 secs

Cupra R - 60 to 80 in 4th = 4.6 secs

Clio Cup - 80 to 100 in 4th = 6.7 secs

Cupra R - 80 to 100 in 4th = 5.8 secs

Clio Cup - 80 to 100 in 5th = 10.8 secs

Cupra R - 80 to 100 in 5th = 7.2 secs

Also a chip on this would mean serious gains and you can get +50bhp on the Audi S3 engine which is the same 210bhp one! Power goes up to 259bhp and torque increases to 274lb ft from 209lb ft!

And also the Cupra R has a 6 speed box. So comparing times in gears like you did above aint going to be very accurate in determining the fastest car.
  Silver Fabia vRS

When I meant company, I didnt mean company buying for me, meant as in using for company business...although if they bought me one I wouldnt complain!

Went and go some info on the R32 Golf today...the dealership in Bedford has 1 allocated to it out of the 250 coming into the country next year...and it hasnt been sold yet! Just wish I could afford it as well as my 172!

Im sure it can take it Geoff. I thought it wasnt a great deal of mileage that you will have to do. I did something like 65k in my old one in 18months.