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Sechsschartenturm - Six loophole turret (ze German content) Photo Heavy.

  RIP Dan
As some of you know the Channel islands were occupied for 5 years from 1940 - 45, the Germans left some interesting fortifications. Went for a walk this avo as I have an interest in this subject to a rare bunker which isn't open that much.....

The plan.


Scan 5 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

View to room 3, which would have had an MG34 pointing at you to cut you in bits...


CRW_2810 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

Main entrance:


CRW_2811 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

Looking out through entrance defence (3) , machine gun would have been pointing through here:


CRW_2815 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr


CRW_2816 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

Crew standby room, nine men would have slept here (4)


IMG_2821 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

Ventilation and ammo room (6)


IMG_2825 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

Sechsschartenturm (25)


IMG_2826 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

One of the six loopholes


IMG_2832 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

View out of the the loophole:


IMG_2834 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr



CRW_2839 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

MG34 ready to slot into loophole:


CRW_2860 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

MG34 in loophole:


CRW_2856 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

Gun rotates through 360 degrees and slots into any of the 6 loopholes, moves up and down and has Carl Zeiss optics:


IMG_2853 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

Range was 900m about half way to sea, 2x guns would have been in turret and fire rate is around 1000+ rounds per minute each. Guns had 4 barrels spare in rack below.


CRW_2860 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

Ceiling is colour coded (and numbered for colour blind chaps) and has range in radians. All these towers were the same so if you came from Norway and were under attack in Jersey, "blue" section, was always North. Clever Germans.


CRW_2863 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

escape shaft (5)

Blocked off at the top now, weird green eyes = bat


CRW_2871 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

On top of Turret, those 2 cyclists didn't know how vulnerable they were!!


CRW_2877 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

Loopholes from the outside:


CRW_2881 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr



CRW_2883 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

Business end of MG34:


CRW_2885 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

Tobruk stand on entry: (1) Man would have been in here with MG34 (machine gun)


CRW_2895 by BullyJersey1970, on Flickr

Enjoy, we have loads of this stuff here. I will post some more as I visit them. If you are interested of course.
  RIP Dan
General public, no.

Me, yes.

I am a member of the Channel Island Occupation Society so we have a few perks. This bunker is pretty special and is open probably 6 times per year. I can arrange access to a few as I open one myself to help out, that is next on my list to post. if you or anyone comes over I can more than likely sort out private visits to stuff like this if you let me know.
  Mk4 Mondeo Estate
It does look really interesting and it must feel good for you to be able to get access to these. Can't believe the gun is still there though.
  RIP Dan
Lol, no they left a while ago mate....the British and Americans got rid of em;)

Owen, you would be surprised at how many people don't like them and want them gone. Feelings still run high about this and there are still people alive who were around. I was chatting to a guy last week who has loads of stories, he is 92 (bright as a button too).

Dressing up doesn't go down well, there is a pretty big complex which has multiple bunkers and a massive command tower on it. It would be good to have guides dressed as Germans etc but no way as it would cause an uproar here.

Loads of fortifications and tunnels, I will get some more shots up and hope to get into some tunnels soon which is always a rare occurrence.
  Fiesta ST-3
Very interesting bully. I too find stuff like this fascinating. I once went to Normandy/Brittany Northen France to see all the WW2 stuff. It blew my mind. Well worth a trip.


ClioSport Moderator
  E55 AMG
That is awesome, I love bunkers! There is one down the road to me in Brentwood that is pretty good, need to get out and see more tbh.
  RIP Dan
Scott, yeah been to see a fair bit in N France, but so much to cover tbh.

Scrooge, get out there with your camera and take some shots of it...

There is another complex open today here so might pop up later and take some snaps.
  White APE
Find this stuff so interesting. YOur lucky to have access like this. Really want to get to see more stuff like this. Been to the trenches in Ypres and visited oradour sur glane in France.
That is awesome, I love bunkers! There is one down the road to me in Brentwood that is pretty good, need to get out and see more tbh.

Where a bouts in Brentwood?
I remember lots of little ones in Walton when i used to go as a kid. There are a few things like that just down the road too, but no where near as interesting.


ClioSport Club Member
Cool as hell. I wish we had stuff like this closer by, it's always interesting.

Closer by to 'Stood staring at my Regas & Work Meisters, like the JDM wheel slut I am.'? I don't think they've ever had a war there ;)

Very interesting, there's a few old fortifications around me I'd like to take a peek at, but never got round to it!

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Went tto a few bunkers etc over in guernsey and could see the grandes rocque one from our apartment. Chatted to the owner who showed us pics and a letter from a solider that had been stationed there during the occupation, very interesting