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Seized rear wiper!!

  Arctic blue 182ff
Hey all,

Was wondering if anyones rear wiper has ever seized before? Or if anyone can help me...please!

it sounds like the motor still works but no movement!?!?

I dont know where to start on it...:S

  TrackCar & F30 330d
Are you removing it?

If so then try soaking it in WD40 or 3M penertrating spray.

It usually works but if not (like it didnt on mine) then take a hacksaw to it mate. :)
  M2 Competition
The 'if its fitted it has to work' on many parts is a con garages use to make money off people that dont know better.
  Mondeo TDCI 130
Another thing to do is look if the spindle it turning and the blade not, sometimes if you put them on when the screen is froze they rip the splines!

May need the 13MM nut tightening.
  Arctic blue 182ff
Thanks guys, the splines look rusted, preventing me from removing wiper arm... would this have much to do with it?