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Selling a non standard 182 cup,

  clio 182
Hi guys
i am thinking about selling my inferno 182 cup, I have replaced the seats and door cards with normal 182 ones and the standard wheels with trophy ones,

Do you guys think it would put people off buying the car or should I return it to standard and then sell.

Thanks in advance
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Totally depends unfortunately. For me I'd rather look at a clean and tidy example even with a few mods over a shoddy stock example. These cars have been around long enough to of had a few mods like an exhaust or wheels etc. Can also depend on the type of mods you go for.

For example I bought my old VW Lupo modified because it was overall clean but the modifications were good ones, decent coilovers, de-badged etc. I tidied it up further and sold it really quickly via an owners club.

There are some mods that because a safe bet for people, Turnini wheels on a 182 for example or something similar so won't always deter buyers.
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Thing for me is that you've not put any cheap aftermarket stuff on it so I personally don't think it will affect resale value at all. In fact if I were you I'd sell the Trophy wheels seperately (assuming you still have the original wheels to replace them of course). There is a healthy demand for those and if you're selling up its all about profit.


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  182 & Dci 100
It is a very smart one tbh mate. geordies a mechanic also so allways has his cars in perfect running order too


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  RB Clio 182
If I was looking I like to look for standard ones but this would really interest me because there not cheep nasty mods! And I'm really fussy!!
  Nissan 350Z
I like original cars but that looks better than standard anyway to me.

Stuff like your wheels, recaros etc wouldn't put me off. Cheap coilovers or lowering springs and noisy exhausts do.


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Sell as it is, my fiancé has a RB 182 cup and I replaced the interior for the normal 182 set. Much nicer now. I've still got the material set in the garage in storage in case anyone does want it?