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service light code

  MK3 D.Sport, 2.0 HDI Van
Hiya guys,

got a mk3 clio and the service light is on, thing is i got it serviced before it needed is at the brakes were fucked, but now the garage that i got the work done in has relocated to the other side of the county.

basically i wanted to know if anyone knows the code i need to remove the light being on, i know its all to do with my indicator switch but i dont know the order to push the buttons on.

any help much apprieated

  Megane dci 130
Scroll along the trip computer untill you get the 'change oil soon' or the service indicator. Then press and hold either button untill it flashes the new service interval.

Clio 2's dont have service indicators, so you will need to get your 172 code read.