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Servicing advice clio 197


  A6, 197
Hi guys, nicola again sorry if this appears a stupid thread but ive got no one else to ask since im trying to keep this secret until my hubbies birthday.
so the search continues for my hubbys bday present, found a clio 17 today super cheap since theres a crunch going from 2nd to 3rd and no service history i so know its a massive gamble.

anyway Renault got a offer on for 359 pounds for a full service. can anybody tell me what that gets me altogether please? also if they find any faults during the service, they wont automatically go about fixing them will they? ill get the choice whether i want the work done?

Im not blonde or anything but my hubby deals with all this stuff but im trying to get it all sorted myself as a supprise for birthday, thanks guys.


ClioSport Club Member
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When you get a service done at renault they change the oil / oil filter / air filter - then depending on the schedule & mileage it may need pollen filter & spark plugs -
£359 sounds a lot for the basic service, especially under the fixed price service structure.
It should be nearer £200-250

Also they complete a multi point check & score these red amber green with comments to say whether they are urgent - & finally a quote to do any remedial work -
Which you can choose what to get done...

With that in mind - you may just want to confirm that with the dealer -