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She wont

  clio 1.2
Clio 1.2 on a 97R wont start and the little flashing LED next to the key symbol on the gear console is still flashing when the key is entered into the lock which usually stops when the key is in.Tried both keys and it still wont start..cranking ok and battery ok.any advice gratefully accepted:( ..powerman1`
  clio 1.2
Just stripped the steering console off and there is a coil sat round the key barrel with 4 wires going into a wiring where?
Anybody had problems with immobaliser and what is the average cost of repair...come on there must be someone who has had this problem?:approve:
  clio 1.2
Thanks ruffneck but its not on there,The immobiliser is standard fit and is activated by a micro chip which is in the key housing and it must be detected by the coil around the ignition key hole.but i think the fault lies some where in the engine bay or wherever the the immobiliser is...
  Black PH2 172 FF
powerman1 said:

That's is so strange. I just sold my MK1 97 plate, and now the guy has the exact same problem after he disconnected the battery to wire up an amp!

Just to double check, it's not this car is it?

  clio 1.2
def not(white one),but it has just had an amp fitted about three weeks ago but it has been ok up to now.We have two keys and neither work so i am presuming its something under the bonnet linked with immobiliser.Come on guys give me some where to start looking...regards powerman
right, go out and hold the unlock button until the doors lock and unlock. Then, pres each key in turn,(key 1, then key 2, then key 1 then key 2) then do the same with the ignition, turn it on, with 1, then put in key 2, then ignition on, then key 1 again, then key 2 again. If this doesnt work then the decoder has gone tits up.
  clio 1.2
but no central locking on this model and there is no push buttons on the keys,Both keys have a little what looks like a micro chip inside which i presume is picked up by the coil that is wrapped around the ignition switch(could just be a magnet which effects the loops inductance to a set value but I dont know for sure).
a)I need a wiring diagram (internet etc)
b)where does the wiring go to from the ignition loop on the key switch
c)any idea of dealer costs to fix immobiliser problems.
d)what does the little switch do that has the key symbol on it and keeps flashing on the gear lever console.
Car is a 97 1.2 2door with no central locking
regards powerman