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  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

On my way back from visiting my girlfriend, I was shocked by a Fiat Punto that wanted to race me. It approached me doing about 80 in a 40 zone on the A5199 between Leicester and Northampton, a nice little twisty country road. I was driving within the speed limits as I was not in the mood for any fun. However, he tailgated me and attempted to overtake me as we came out of the 40 zone and into a 60 zone I accelerated upto 60 and he was unable to overtake me before entering a 30 zone as he got flashed by a static sign informing him that he was going too fast so pulled back in behind me where he stayed. I later overtook a much slower car and he attempted to overtake us both entering another village, never attempted to overtake between the two villages. What shocked me though is that I eventually noticed that he had a small child in the front passenger seat, that did not have a seatbelt on. Child was about 5 as it could only just see over the dashboard.

I have just reported this driver. Never done that before but could not live with myself if the child had been killed. Why race others when you have a child in the car with you!

Rant over. :)

Dont want to start a fight here! but why race others on the roads anyway ?. If he is bumb enough to start acting like an arse when he has the responsibility of an minor in his car then so be it. I have a little arse do the exact same to me in his sh*tty little corsa he sat behind me flashing his lights and trying to lick my rear bumper, all i did was pull over and let the little ned overtake. At the end of the day you have a 172 and dont need to prove it to any ned in a corsa or Punto. All i am saying is that i really dont condone racing on the public roads, but if you want to do it then fine just dont expect me to agree with it. You only have one chance at life and i dont see the point of shortening it by taking risks on the roads. I have learnt my leason.
  clio 20v

ok i get wot ya sayin but i didnt buy a performance car just to "know" that its fast i bought it to drive it fast and where conditions allow 9 times out of 10 i would have put me foot down too
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

It is pretty stupid when people take unneccesary risks in their car, especially when there are other people or children with them.

I dont mind a bit of fast road action, but only when Ive got a good idea of the road, and when Im the only one in the car.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

like not in built up areas, save it for dual carriageways etc. Some tit in an Astra decided to overtake me in my mums 1.4. He was that close to hitting the central reservation he nearly took my front end off swerving back in. And it was in a 30 zone!
  Hippys bus of LOVE !!!

Maybe this guy had an actual plan, by wiping out two sets of the stupid gene, if he were (god forbid) involved in an accident! :cry:

With the kids in the car, give me my slow, clunky, safe 4x4 any day. :D

Although my hearts with the Clio Sport, anyday.

Va Va Voom! :D

I have my kid in my 172 all the time, with his seat belt on I do think that the 172 is a very safe car. Hes 11 with an interest in fast cars (knows all the bhps etc), goes karting and cant wait to drive, and loves the 172 as much as I do. This is why I take time explaining to him time and place for speed, and point out the suicidal drivers in the hope that he will learn this before he gets behind the wheel.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

sounds good...........leading the kids the right way! respect nice cars etc etc.........hope i have a boy whenever i decided to settle n get kids.........n hope he likes the same things i do!!!ahh, father-son bonding!!! if he is anything like me when he grows up, he ends up washing his dads!!! dad, probably the owner of the dirtiest Skoda RS turbo.........until im fed up cleaning the clio and decide to take the sponge to his :D

Driving fast on the roads endangers innocent lives and leads to horiffic accidents! I used to work for the Highways Commision attending fatalities and arranging traffic diversions etc. I hated it and saw some pretty awfull accidents which made me feel sick.

Ask any pro driver and they always say stick to the tracks for racing! I was told this at the airport years ago by James Hunt! whilst chatting to him in the departure lounge.

IF you want to race go to the track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Mini Cooper S JCW

*** A5199 between Leicester and Northampton****

mate be V V V careful down there....... i crashed in novemeber there, total write off....... rolled the car....... ended up in A&E for most of the day wiv broken bones :eek:

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Mike - If you read the original post I wasnt racing and was under the speed limit for that road for the entire journey; "excellerated upto 60" NOT above it. He was driving a Punto hardly a high performance car (so as I was the only one with a "high performance car" I suppose I am a low performance driver in your opinion Mickey16vClio?), if it was a high performance car it could have overtaken me easily and safely at any time, instead he tried to overtake me in villages when I was doing 30 or less.

Marc - I agree it is a pretty bad road, hence why I was doing the speed limit. I remember seeing an overturned car but that is not unusual on this road. Glad you got out OK. However, by the way the other guy was driving he could have taken us both out whether I was driving carefully or not.

David Coultard and Schumacher are really nice people when you meet them.

Yeah David Coulthard is the present day James Hunt total Lad !

Man i want to be him F1 driver parties at Hugh Heffners place what else do you want?
  Mini Cooper S JCW

greeper.........when did u see this overturned car?? end of november by anychance???

woz it a red escort? if so im surprised u got thro as they had to close the road off to get my car out :confused:

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Dont remember a red Escort but I remember the road being closed, was it near Arnesby/ Shearsby?
  Mini Cooper S JCW

from wot the copper/amberlance bloke told me..... i woz a mile out of Market Bosworth. Apparently the corner is an accident black its a really tight corner after a good mile straight.

so now wounder i crashed... picked up some pace down the straight, and underestimated the corner :(
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Husbands and Bosworth? Yeh I know the corner and it is bad, though that road has several iffy corners, The road was closed about two weeks ago near there as someone had had a crash. I think I will be using the A6 from now on to get to Leicester.