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show us your 15"s


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk3.5 MX5 / R53 MCS
Is that your old one (mine) in the first pic Dave? <3

Oh, and disappointing lack of pink Venoms </3
  KTM 990 SD / S60 D5
Thanks for all the photos guys,have been using Rare rims virtual bay to try a few styles of wheel,think that Rota GT3's are the ones black with polished lip:)


ClioSport Club Member
  05' BG 182FF
Oh sorry, doesn't it live up to neefs expectations? Better sell up then :/ lol
  Liquid Yellow 182 FF

Not to everyones tastes, but I got them before I was really into modifying. Kei force 10's on my non-sport.
  KTM 990 SD / S60 D5
They look bigger than 15's,what sort of tyres are they.Hoping to the same sort of look with the rota gt3's in black