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side bump strips

  Clio mk1 rally :P
took my side strips off to get colour coded...
all came off easily.. except for passenger side rear quarter.
the trim was stuck on with tiger seal(or something)

i thought that maybe its on with that because the clips were broken.
there were alot of scratches under neath aswell.

after removing some of the sealant i realised some one has actually filled in the wholes.. and resprayed.
looks like the previous owner had an accident,



i want to put some more clips in. any idea on how to remove the sealant.
and how to mark where the wholes need to be drilled??

  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
if it was me, i would get the sealant to the same level as the paint work (sanding?). Then place the trim just below the area where it goes, and then mark where the whole are. Then when you have the clips, use the right drill bit and drill through without denting the metal.
  Ultra Red Clio 197
easy! take off the rear door card on that side.. remove the sound proofing felt stuff and you will be at the metal of the car exterior! Hopefully you will then be able to see the position and shape of each of the holes depening on how it was repaired.

EDIT: just noticed you have an MK1, what I said above was from my experience of a MK2 PH2.. though it might be the same!

Good Luck!