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Silly Boy


I went down to the Ace Cafe last night and it was heavin, lots of nice motors.

Anyway for anyone who has ever been down the ACE will know that it is on a slip road, it is also near a post office depot so there are a lot of 7.5 tonne HGVs around who also use the slip road. Well this bloke in a mark one GTI golf decides to overtake one of these HGVs on a single carriageway. As you can imageine you cant see whats in front or in the oncoming lane, as the GTI overtakes, a Skyline is coming in the opposite direction and they have a head on. The guy in GTI just about got out and couldnt WALK or STAND, the golf was mangled and the bonnet had been crushed to a foot long and the blokes head had hit the windscreen. The bloke in the Skyline was ok.(airbag) This is the first time i have seen anything like this at a Meet/cruise.

Has anyone seen things like this at other cruises/meets? Unfortunatly people like this spoil it for the rest of us who do like to go down and look and comment on other vehicles.

at a local cruise ( I was not there) a car had a blow out and went into the crowd, put 2 people in hospital. Police are now there every week to block it all off

at one cruise a car was handbrakin it, lost control and hit a girl she flew through the air and hit the side of her bf car, think it was a laguna which hit her. Police turned up she was rushed to hospital.:eek:

At another some tw*ts had stole a sierra burn outs were on, untill the tyres blew and then they continued to do it on the rims throwin stones at cars and sparks everywhere.:eek:

At stoke when loads of us were on a car park some tw*t blew up an astra:eek:
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yea had 2 down here in cheltenham didnt see either of them but the first was involved a 16v clio that ram into the back of a beemer that wrote both cars off the 2nd was a little worse a motorbike hit a nova frount on at a fairly high speed ended with both being in hospital for a far few weeks!


theres a cruise on at stockley park near heathrow airport, used to be on every friday now its every sunday far as i know. (it is a junction on a dual carriage way basically ur on the dual carriage way, u come off down the slip road and onto a huge roundabout which goes under the 4 lane in total dual carriage way and then back up another slip road if u want to get back onto the dual carriage way) anyhow originally stockley was for motorbikers because they used to fly round the roundabout at silly speeds and what not, anyhow i have seen people fly of their bikes and fly across the road after doin aroun 60-80 mph also once i wasnt there but a motorbiker was doin around 80 apparently and hit the back of a lorry and was killed instantly. due to the large roundabout people park up on the middle to show off their cars so people are runnin across the road to get from where they are parked onto the roundabout to see the cars. this aint easy believe me, anyhow once some girl ran out infront of a car gettin its rear end out and was killed instantly aswell!!! some bad things go on down there, always crashes and stuff like that, still goes on thou!

hope you can understand what i put heh

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Happens all the time in Birmingham and Merry Hill, a NOVA (i know) with about £25000 spent on it (300bhp 2.0 16V turbo engine + carbon fibre everywhere etc, was nice for a Nova!!!!) was back ended by a stolen R5 GTT!!!! The R5 buggered off and let the Nova in bits by the side of the road!!!!

Ive seen loads of fights kick off, normally over people driving like tw*ts!!!

And people wonder why the police take a firm stance with cruises. I have never been on one, and never want to go on one. All the Halfords posse in their Novas doing handbrake turns. No im far too mature for that, id rather annoy sales reps on the M6.

nev its round the back of heathrow, I also saw your car on the site where you got all your paintwork done, were they reasonable?

its always going to happen - in every scene there is a minority that take it too far, sadly though we just have to live with it

only been to a couple of cruises, thankfully they have all been well organised and no idiots have turned up

raj mate, yeah they were pretty good, i could have paid less but the quality of the finish is amazing, well pleased. i might have to pop down there then are u local to their i live in staines so its only 5mins away.

Cool i live in Harrow but know Feltham, Hounslow very well. I just need to get my valver cleaned up on the driverside arch and passenger door.

yeah give them a bell there well save. oh right, feltham lovely place it is too. wheres that ace cafe cruise then. your have to let me no next time u go to one ill try pop down.

only ever been to one to try shift some stuff......

ANd a scoob was doing donuts..and fell down an embankment into maccy Ds...never have i pissed myself so much!
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fred i saw that nova, just after the smash, how on earth the r5 drove away was a miricle! the nova was wrecked. Also up merryhill some nob heads rolled an old nova down a hill on fire, plus one time a nova pulled out infront of 200sx. that made a nice mess! Its all the novas fault lol!

Ace Cafe is the last Weds each month from about 9PM till 11PM, you do see some nice motors down there, this month there was a bloke with an RSI with a twin exit exhaust, you could fit full size footballs in the tail pipes and I am not telling fibs. Some people just take things too far, gets attention though.

Nev Im allways willing to go to cruises, PM me and i will give you my mobile number. Didnt put up a post this month as I have done the last couple of months with very little interest.


PS if we got enough of us to go Im sure we could organise our own meet on a day of our choice.

Quote: Originally posted by damianshaker on 28 February 2003

And people wonder why the police take a firm stance with cruises. I have never been on one, and never want to go on one. All the Halfords posse in their Novas doing handbrake turns.
exactly what i was going to say, and the boy racers moan when the police dont let them stay anywhere..wonder why - probably cos theyre a bunch of t**sers who drive sh*t cars and feel the need to prove their crappy existance by trying to make themselves stand out. 3/4 of them cant even drive anyway. Its unfortunate aswell that innocent people get hurt but the more annoying thing is that these tw*ts still dont sodding learn. Grow up.


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Quote: Originally posted by BenR on 28 February 2003

only ever been to one to try shift some stuff......
ANd a scoob was doing donuts..and fell down an embankment into maccy Ds...never have i pissed myself so much!

Are you sure it was Maccy Ds and not Dunkin Donuts??!!
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as people are being a bit harsh on the cruise scene id say 80% of people who attend actually look after there cars and just want to show em off to other likeminded people

but u always get the nob heds who think there cool in there mums 1.3 escorts doin handbrake turns, as it happens most peeps at cruises wish these people wud jus fuk off its not fair to tarnish evry1 with the same brush

most cruises are good and nothing bad happens and i will continue to go to cruises thank ya very much!

nev stockley is on tommorrow nite but i think im gonna check out guildford again tommorrow, next time i go stockley thou i will let u know.

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Spot on Adi, I been to a few cruises in my time and most people there are just wanting to have a look at each others motors and do something different rather than going to the pub all night then have a fight and puke up on the way home.

But there are always some arseholes who turn up in their mums shopping car dressed up with a set of harness pads. You can tell who they are cos their motor is something you could pick up for under £500 and there are always at least 3 occupants in the car, sometimes up to 5 in something like a Metro. No-one gives a sh*t about their car or them, so they have to cause a scene by doing stunts.
  BMW 320d Sport

Still, I cant deny its quite funny watching some tw*t in a Nova Swing putting a tea tray under each back wheel then doing doughnuts until something breaks.

ITs a shame about the lad at the Ace, his mk1 Gti was in good nick, unfortunatly the car died a sudden death. By the way my mate has a custom mk1 GTi for sale anyone fancy owning one?
  BMW 320d Sport

If theres a totally mint, one lady owner, mk1 GTi with only 40,000 miles on the clock Ill give you £500 for it?

No its heavily modded, white 15 inch compromotives, spax all round, white porsche leather seats, big bumper conversion with added round spots, new gearbox, power flow back box( sounds mean) lazerline alarm, immobiliser, front strutbrace, finished in vauxhall purply blue, with two huuooge viper stripes, engine rebild, momo steering wheel, new interior carpets, de-locked tailgate, modified airbox.

Nick I dont think its your cup of T but might appeal to someone else