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Silver 197 losing to my vectra in manchester

  audi a6 3.0tdi
Good try but no cigar. You really should have been faster as i had four people in and you were on your own.

never underestimate diesel barges. Your car did look very nice though :)

the three passengers are cliosport members before all the doubters start with the comments.
  Megane R26
190BHP Vectra did a 197?

LOL. Someone needs to learn how to drive their car.

Come to Cannock ;)
  Megane R26
You haven't been around a track with SteBurns in a 197 though, have you?

Plenty of torque in front of us and behind us, but they all got dicked within 2 laps.

Do you mean races, or do you mean heroic dual carriageway drag races?
  Megane R26
You said "torque wins races"

You mean "torque won that race" because the Clio driver didn't know how to drive their car?

Who cares anyway? I know what I'd rather be driving
  Black 172 PH2
When talking about the 197 "losing" to the Vectra what do you mean?
As far as i know the public roads dont have a start/finish line.
  audi a6 3.0tdi
I'm not claiming its a better drivers car although i do have more fun in it than i do in my phase 1 172 as its far more planted and the torque is great. A lot of the clio boys have been really impressed with it when we have done cross country blasts.

Its all down to the driver ,good driver in an average car will beat a crap driver in a good car.

I honestly think given the chance on say the evo triangle i'd keep up or be faster than the 197 in the barge. It is on coilovers now aswell which helps a bit.

yes it was a straightline dual carraige way race but as said in my original post he should have beat me as getting off the line is not the barges strong point. It was only a laugh with an unexpected outcome.
  Swift Sport
I've yet to drive a Vauxhall I didn't find below average, and I've driven 100's.

Even the VXR's, they're good... but no cigar.

At least with a Vectra you'll blend right in at Sainsburys ;)
  123D Coupe + MK1 MX5
Sorry did you say VXR, and Good, in the same line?

Ste it's noon, drinking already?
  audi a6 3.0tdi
At least with a Vectra you'll blend right in at Sainsburys ;)

thats the whole idea its my car for driving to work in, its quick but draws absolutly no attention to its self also i can park it on the street with out having to worry about it. Its also fun showing people up with supposedly quick cars.

I've got a stripped out ph1 172 for fun.
  Focus RS mk1
so a fully loaded vectra cdti was quicker than a 197? i really cant see that happening, even if it wasnt loaded, the 197 was probably teasing or he was caught out in the wrong gear
  ZX6R B1H
LMFBO, no rob mate.... he tried he failed and looked like a prick.

We all laughed he went home and told his wife that his so called fast little clio got owned by aboring ass vauxhall vectra...

The shitbox impreza had you tho mr chris :p
  ZX6R B1H
Pink, he bought the clio before the vec and it ended up being a play toy, but hes realised he can drive and have more fun in the vec over the clio. :D