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Simple Question : Would you buy a CTR

Let me explain, I dont want to get into a debate about which car is better, the question is, if you had the money would you buy a CTR. Example, If I had the money I would buy a 330ci but until such time am very very happy with the CTR?

As I sit here at work, bored, I am just interested in if people really do think it is a bread van/MPV or are they just jumping on the band wagon (hey could be another name for it;))

Let it rip!!

P.S Did anyone notice how the R32 on topgear at some angles looked like a rather nice MKII172 (All silver and stuff)

Keith (A Proud CTR owner)

I like em they definately make a case for themselves, but im not into buying cars new, id probably try and get a second hand tvr or mitsi evo for that sort of money.

No..though im sure you knew i was going to say that. I dont hate them, in fact theyre pretty good, theres just better cars for the money, in my opinion.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Were I to want to spend 15k on a car, then I wouldnt get a CTR.

However, were I to have 15k to spend on a new car, and it HAD to be new, then it would be a CTR.

I actually rather like them.


Good, and so you should. Id drive a fiat 500 if i was capable of rebuilding one after it died again and again..and again :)

Paul, I agree. You see some fantastic cars (second hand) for the money, I would not normally buy second hand but I guess in a few years time a second hand CTR would be interesting or any honda (I like the Accord Type R which I could have had but again second hand phobia)

I guess I am not one for getting my hands dirty and that little thing called warranty is always a bonus. The way I see it, new costs more but I dont mind paying a bit more for peace of mind. Maybe I will get over this, a second hand EVO for 16k would nice.

Pay for Warranty!!:eek: You must be f*kin joking. I think it is more about you know the history (as much as you can) on a new car. At least I know it has been thrashed ... but it was by me!!:devilish:


Quite a difficult one, but Id say no. Reasons? I simply cant quite convince myself I like the look of it. From some angles it looks nice, but the front lets it down unfortunately. Apart from the asthetics, Ive test driven a couple now and agree that its a very competent car overall, but it simply didnt suit my driving style. Prefer the torquey delivery without having to thrash the nuts off it, which is what I felt I was doing in the CTR. Dont get me wrong - I think the CTR is a great car, just not my cuppa tea :)

For £15k my heart tells me Id buy another Impreza as long as someone else was paying for the fuel. But Im pretty happy with my week old Cup at the moment - certainly for the smiles per £, it beats the pants off any of my previous cars (Impreza included), and having given a couple of my mates a shot (whove owned various Imprezas, Evos and M series BMs) they were also impressed.

I love the colour of the CUP (rather girly statement I know) and I loved the performance of my MK1 172 but me in a car without ABS it would not be looking that nice for long. (I can drive in a straight line but thats about it).

Yes, not to put anyone off but the CTR is a heavy drinker if you keep it where it seems to enjoy being 6000rmp+.

GeordiePaul, (if you know, sorry or anyone from the North East)

Do any of the Renault Dealers in the NE have a CUP in to look at/test drive?


Yes, and I did seriously consider it, but couldnt justify the extra £3600 over the import price of my 172. Its certainly not £3600 more car. I like them both, but the CTR is bad value for money. £16000 and not even Air con - plus its an extra £1200 odd if you want it added.

But Id never slate them - they are a close second to the 172 when all is added up IMO. I saw one parked remotely at the back of Lakeside car park the other day, so I parked with it :D

If import 172s werent common and we were forced to pay dealer list, then I may well have ended up with a CTR. Who knows.......

I couldnt say the same about the Cooper S - I just dont like them.

yeah, wont go down well in the ghetto ;) but i saw the cup and mk2 V6 at the motorshow and that blue just makes me go all tingly, lol!

Mikeherts hit the nail on the head. The CTR is a very good car, Ive not driven one, so I can only go by what I read. I was in a similar situation last year, but with MY £15k (actually cost me £12500), bangs per buck was a major consideration (including cheaper insurance for the Clio) in choosing the Clio. Although the CTR edges it on performance, if the £2500 I saved was used for mods it would probably be the Clio that would come out tops.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

KeithO - Hello matey!!!

If you wanna look at a Cup go to Benfield Motors on Scotswood Road they have about 5 including a demo!!!! Think I may have to purchase a set of those wheels in 17" inch!!!

Would a buy a rather have a Leon Cupra R........then again thinking about it id rather save a little and buy a scooby!!


IMO if you like 2 stroke bikes then youll get on with the CTR. My experience was that the car felt heavy, had to revved hard to go anywhere fast, and was just plain tiring to drive.

I was unimpressed with the interior. I know it is supposed to be minimalist, but Im sure there are ways of doing it without leaving acres of shiny, thin, creaking plastic.

I actually think they LOOK fine, especially the black ones.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG


I have always loved Hondas, excellent engins and good workmanship, on TV the CTR looks bad, in real life, up close I think it looks pretty good from most angles (not quite as good as a 172).

I was actually quite close to buying one but went for a 172 as it is cheaper and just as quick and was smaller which is what I really wanted a nice fast small sports car. Maybe I will get a CTR in a couple of years but at the moment I love my 172 way too much.

I would have one if I could afford the extras like a/c, fog lights, rear head rest, etc. When I went for a test drive in one, with all the extras that you would already get on a 172 the total price was somewhere in the region of £18k. Sorry but there are more attractive offers out there, especially on the 2nd hand market. You could get an Evo 6 with fairly low miles for £18k.

Although I must say I did enjoy the CTR when I drove it. Loved the position of the gearstick!!

(ps would have to have the Milano Red colour)

yeah i would

but i would be pushed to actually decided wether i would get the new integy R or a jap spec CTR, 172 not for me im afraid


I would if I had a family, but.................

problem with the CTR is its really a family mans car. He can justify it to the missus cos it has enough space, it drives nicely during the day, then hit the sweet spot and ring its neck out at night! Only problem there is I dont likle having to ring a cars neck to get it to move! Amazing car but I think there are much better cars for the money. heh, i was offered a brand new impreza at the dealers last week for 18K, and the trade in for my 1.2 Clio was stupidly high (they are desperate to get rid of them b4 the new one is out).

saying that, for the money, you can get a 2000 impreza for the 10-13k mark, and that aint bad.

Leon cupra r is bloody quick and one to watch, I dont like the drive but others seem to.
  FRS Mk3 Red edition

i had a 172 prior to my CTR,and i have the best of both worlds as the GF has my 172 so i get to drive both honest opinion on both cars hmmmmmmmmm

hated the CTR when i first bought it and was very close to getting rid and getting another 172, but i have had it 2 months now and it is absolutely brilliant. i disagree with the comments that it needs to be in the v-tec to make it shift it has plenty of torque on the low end, so you do not have to exploit the v-tec zone while city driving,which is a good thing as you would definetly loose your license. im sure keith o willl confirm problem i have is that i really really really miss the xenons on the 172 and also all the other toys that come with it. The CTR is very thirsty and im averaging 22-25mpg which is crap compared to the is glorious when you hit the v-tec and the car screams and people just look at the car and wonder what the hell is that noise.the gearbox on the CTR is glorious and with the gearlever on the dashboard is a revelation,it is like an extension to your arm the only gripe i have is that the civic requires a LSD,i dont understand why they dont get one, as the CTR exported to Japan have one fitted as standard.

overall 172 vs CTR both cars are equally as good as one another so is the extra perfomance worth the extra money you have to fork out for the CTR SIMPLY NO if you are on a tight budget then the clio is the winner hands down.

but i love the look of my CTR and im looking forward to some dry weather so i can familarise with the CTRs handling characteristics.