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Sky broadband/router problem


ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d
Everytime i turn on my PC and router my broadband works for about 10 minutes, then slowly dies - can't get any pages or ping any websites.

If i reboot the router, release and renew using ipconfig, it comes back up and it'll stay connected as normal for the rest of the day.

I've rung sky who say it is a BT problem, tried using the BT test socket etc but nothing seems to solve it other than rebooting the router.

Tis well annoying! :mad:
what do sky know they charge you 299 for a hd box 53.50 a month and 60 to install it and claim its good value !!!!!


  RS 182 - Black Gold
Tell them youve had an engineer from a local computer shop look at it and they say the router needs changing. Normally works!

Should send you a replacement no questions
  Fabia vRS
do what i advise customers to do, buy a router from pc world, use it to test, then take it back afterwards as pc world returns policy is basically no quibble returns.