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Slave cylinder squeak? 225 gearbox

  Clio RS

I have a 172 with a 225 engine and gearbox swap. Car uses the hydraulic system from the megane. So basically, it has the concentric slave cylinder which is located inside the gearbox.

Recently I changed the clutch fluid and while I was bleeding the clutch, it started to make a squeak every time I clutch in and clutch out, regardless if the engine is on or off. The squeak comes from the engine bay and not from the cabin.

The noise definitely comes from the clutch assembly area and am thinking that it could be the concentric slave cylinder which is making that noise. I recently changed the slave cylinder and that would be a shame if it is already gone.

I am thinking that some air might got stuck in the slave cylinder and that is causing the squeak but am not sure. If the clutch was cable operated, that would definitely be the fork and pivot making the squeak.

Would be great if anyone could give their input on what I should be looking at to resolve this issue.

Thanks a lot