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Small update

  Sprint/climb 106 gti
Well I know its not to everyone's taste, I know there are many campus haters out there :rasp:

Anyways gave it a clean over the weekend and finally had some spare time to get some pics hence why its a tad dirty. Fitted some springs the weekend before which have given it a much better drop to my previous ones.

I am just waiting to get paid so I can order some spacers for the front.

C&C welcome.



  Sprint/climb 106 gti
Cheers guys, With regards to the splitter I am still wanting to heat it and bend it round the bumper for a better fit. But thats when i can be fussed to do it.

  MKV R32
Im sure ive seen this on the portsmouth road, never seen one before, couldnt get my head round why the rear looked different.
  133, 182, Kangoo 182
Looked good last night. Not a fan of the campus models but I actually quite liked it :)
  Clio 182 Trophy
Looks smart!! Good location too...have to have a mini meet with a few of us in the area soon as i've treated myself to a new camera hehehe :D