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Smart watches.. talk to me?

Hi chaps, due to the epic response in my other thread about Mac's, I now need to hone your advice on decent smartwatches haha!!

I've had a Samsung gear fit 2 for a while, which has served it's purpose I guess, never really excited me. Good for counting steps with S health and that's about it, the HR monitor is gash on it.

Then came the gear S3 which looks far better but again didn't excite me enough to make a purchase. Plus it didn't seem that good for HR monitor stuff. Too pricey for what it is.

Now.. the Gear (S4) called the galaxy watch has literally just come out, it looks nice and similar to the S3 but is it actually any good?

I want a watch to sync with my phone (Likely always a Samsung../whore) I do a fair bit of running and gym so would benefit from steps / GPS (Strava usage) and even workout tracking maybe. Being waterproof would be a bonus.

From what I've seen, Garmin do very nice pieces of kit, but would these work nicely with Samsung phones / S health?

Cheers lads!!


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I have the gear is the HR monitor gash on it? I can't fault's reliable and accurate...and as a device does enough of the things I want one to do.

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Garmin, I've had a vivoactive HR for years now, great bit of kit and use it for swimming etc and Bluetooth to the phone for notifications etc.


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I really liked the Gear S2 but they've just got too big now for my puny wrists!

Currently rocking a Microsoft Band, but will be upgrading to Apple Watch next year... the new one just looks amazing.

Only other consideration I'm having is the new Withings. I know a couple of other people with the older ones and they're very happy with them for more basic stuff (good if you like the look of normal watches)

I have the gear is the HR monitor gash on it? I can't fault's reliable and accurate...and as a device does enough of the things I want one to do.
Sorry bud I said the HR monitor was Gash on the S2 not the S3. It just seems very random and not very accurate compared with a proper HR monitor I have worn on my chest. I read various reviews saying similar for the S3 so had assumed it wasn't all that..!

Those saying garmin, is the forerunner 235 a viable option? Ive read goof stuff about it, but it seems pretty old now? Is there a new one coming? Thanks.

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Forerunner is very targeted at... well... runners ;)

If you want a more generalised fitness/smart watch the Vivoactive 3 Music is supposed to be very good, currently £240 on Amazon. My Vivosmart HR is over two years old now and giving up the ghost (it’s had a hard life, so I’m pretty impressed it’s lasted this long) so I’ll need a replacement soon. If I can’t stretch to an Apple Watch, and TBH I really don’t need to, then that’s what I’ll get.


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Just resurrecting this thread - I just bought a Ticwatch E for £115 from Amazon.

Runs Wear OS 2, dirt cheap, fitness tracking works really well, screen is decent, battery life is gash but lasts a day at least.

For the money, I'm amazed. Check out the reviews.
Thanks mate, I still haven't got one as I was holding out for the new samsung galaxy watch

Unfortunately most of the reviews are VERY hit and miss. Apparently it's worse than the S3 watch as they took some NST monitor thing off it. So many reports of it not working correctly which is disappointing

I'm swaying towards a garmin now tbh but annoying to have yet another fitness app installed...

That ticwatch does look exceptionally good value for money!


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Thread bump.

The Missus is contemplating getting one.

Samsung's offerings any good? She does a lot of running but think the Garmin is a bit expensive.

I'm clueless on these things.


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I'm in the market for an android smart watch, any recommendations?

Thd fitbit one looks Hood