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Smooth Inner Dub stylee

Yes the 7x16 have about 1" of dish iirc...... the wider the more dish they have

Never returned your email on sizes did I:oops:.....doh!!!!sorry. but I would go for 7x16 front ,7.5x16 on the back but still waiting to catch you on MSN for a chat.


  V6, Jeep SRT, GTS

Dont get me wrong it smart, but not something id do maself. But thats the joy of individuality!

I looks ace. I love it.

I think you need a grille though. IMO. Is it possible to smooth off the bonnet, and get rid of the dip in it (Where the grille goes?). I dont know if thats possible.

Carbon copy........we will hook up and you can try the ronals on your 172

Final_Maxim..........I would love a Mk1 Golf, but I have a williams hybrid that smokes most cars and is a total hoot to drive.


Cheers guys