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So i think im going to see the northern lights: photography

So ive always wanted to see the northern lights, me and the girlfriend dont have any commitments at the mo, so we've found several cheap packages for 4 days stays with flights and travelling..

We have decided on Iceland, not too sure on which hotel yet,

I have a D3000, standard 18-55 kit lens... i cant afford the holiday AND a new lens so im making do,

I've got a good Kata bag, Filters etc but i cant see many of them being useful? maybe ND?... I will have a good tripod and a remote.. rain cover for the bag..

Im thinking of getting a spare battery, already got a few memory cards, because i wont be taking a laptop.. I was also thinking of getting what i remember was called a "storm jacket"? is there anyone that makes a cheap decent version of this..

Going to be doing some long exposure shots etc etc and hopefully a decent time lapse...

Just wanted some advice on anything else to remember for the camera, or anything about the northern lights and photographing then?
Go outside and practice shooting the stars.

You don't need filters etc. Just patience really.

Try 10mins (bulb mode, get a remote so you can open/close the shutter without moving the camera) at say f6

The further you are away from streetlights etc, the better.
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Defo practice mate. The last thing you want to do is have teething issues with setting etc when you get to see them. Just trial and error and no better time with all the clear skys.
Yeah have done a few sky shots... they have come out pretty well, i just was having a moment of noobness when i thought how long shutter will i need to capture the lights, will 15 seconds not get much because the lights are thin and fast... also if i used bulb for 3 mins etc would it just be a green mass capturing too much... i think the most logical answer is i depends on the night how clear it is etc right...

Also if it rains i want a camera jacket.. is there any sites or brands that do a cheap one?

Go and get a photo like this. :cool:

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Go outside and practice shooting the stars.

You don't need filters etc. Just patience really.

Try 10mins (bulb mode, get a remote so you can open/close the shutter without moving the camera) at say f6

The further you are away from streetlights etc, the better.

They'll just come out as one big horrible messy blob if you do that. You need fast glass wide open to infinity for 10-15 seconds if you want to catch the way they look when your there. Fast + Wide is what your after, I'd personally rent a lens to take with me just for the northern lights.
Ive seen some fantastic photos, where we are staying looks towards the edge of the coast, ive seen some pics looking out to the sea with the mountains and the lights above that look fantastic, but im not sure we are on this side.

Not sure what it is close to or how far we are from any views, there is a hotel we are thinking of that is business type and the other is a family hotel that also does nothern light trips... we dont know where we are view wise till we get there, untill ive done some more looking into it

Think i might just get a 50mm AF lens for the nikon, want one but saving for many other things atm and is a pain in the arse!

Maps of possible place...


I went to Iceland, tons of tours for anything there, amazing photo spots.
Where abouts are you staying?

I went in early October and it was a little too early for them, but even though I went to Reykjavik, walk towards the edge of the city and the sky is perfect for it.
Amazing place.
Pretty much the 1st or second map, in Reykjavik... really looking forward to it now, just finalising the details, going to get the 35mm lens, hoping to get some amazing pictures,

Staying in a hotel where the family are familiar with the lights, there should also be other trips we can do, want to visit the spas for pics,

Only problem is the 2 full days we will be there, hope to fit some good stuff in...
Two days is good enough to visit the Blue Lagoon, and maybe do a trip into the middle of the country where the Gulfoss Waterfalls are.
Its an epic place, I have over 1000 photos from 4 full days, and thats after I deleted the crappy ones!

Make sure you take out more than one fully charged battery too. I went and it was cold and windy, killed a battery very quickly :(
Yeah were now looking to go for 3 full days (4 nights), taking 2 battery's, about 20gb's worth of cards (haha just in case), 2 remotes, tripod, Jobby tripod, dads treating me to 35mm prime lens.. excited about it now..

We where originally looking at a family hotel, now were going to one right next to Reykjavik airport, and the stay should have a lights trip.. hoping to get the lights, statues and monuments, cathedral, a gallery, shops, hills and views and a spar and waterfall in, really cant wait...
Cheers mate, Ordered the 35mm last night, Jessops £162 with free next day delivery,

After short googling ordered a Tiffen 52mm uv filter for protection, read the Tiffen's where very good as this will be left on and didn't want any shitty ebay filter on it...

All booked up now just got to find what's close to us, hoping to get some amazing shots!