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Sold my 172

  Clio 197 F1
And picked up my Mars Red v6 (255bhp) what a superb machine this really is, wished i had bought one from new a few years ago but having just turned 22 im sure insurance would have been a problem.

I hope to come to some meets soon, will also try and post up pictures next weekend.

  BMW 330d :)
Congrats m8. Is that the one that was on pistonheads for just under 15k?? Nice car and it looked like it was in good condition.

Enjoy it, just be careful with it as it can bite back as a guy near me found out with his blue v6 255.

  BMW 330d :)
The guy near me took a wet roundabout too fast I think and ripped one side of the car clean off... Its really expensive to repair if you damage the bodykit. I think his was a write off.

Enjoy it though, im so jealous!


ClioSport Admin
  LY 220 Trophy
Great news Matt, I'm sure it will be very well looked after in your hands - Hope to see it at a meet in the near future!
  Clio 197 F1
cheers for the comments people, yes im very lucky to have one, its just fantastic, i definately hope to come to meets very soon
  Clio 172 mk2
Yeah, I think you are a lucky chap...I've only ever seen two or three out on the roads in years of driving so they are rare beasts.

Faster or not than the 182 or other cars who cares...the sound of that V6 engine is what it's all about:)
  Clio 197 F1
yeah im not so fussed how quick it is, i bought it for the rarity, the look and sound of the v6. Wont have to sell this im sure