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sold my 182 cup (with stripes)

i got it for 11,995 its number 6..... got 10k for my old car..... i tried joining the cliotrophy site but it wont let me in coz im not regged? but if i try and join again it says my email addy is all ready used lol do i just have to wait till they sign me up???
  M2 Competition
Why sell one car to buy another almost the same???

Surely the money would have been better spent on some coilovers??

But all the same, if you enjoy it thats all that matters mate.
nah its the feeling of having a limited edition car plus it drives alot better than my old 182 cup... better seats plus my last car was on 32,000 miles and the new ones on 8000.
  M2 Competition
Fair play mate! The mileage is a big difference!

2k for the mileage, the seats, exclusivity and handling isnt bad i suppose!

Good move.