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Some Cup questions

Lo peeps,

Picking my new Cup up this weekend and have a couple of newbie questions if you dont mind :)

Firstly, Ive read in various mags that Renault/Renault Sport are planning on offering some trackday focused parts for the Cup (seats/roll cage etc). Anyone confirm or deny this, or know where I might find more info?

Secondly, clear side repeaters - where can I get some to fit the Clio?

And lastly, are there any differences between the gadgets in the Cup and the 172? (Other than air con and xenon headlights)?

Thanks in advance!

hi m8

over here from SN ?

when at the renault dealer checking out the Cup and standard 172 i noticed that the dealer blurb contained info on stuff like rollcages? so check with your dealer as they should have info.


Ive checked with the dealer I bought the cup from and the story I got was....

"Renault got a bit ahead of themselves and arent yet ready to offer these options and it may be they never do"

I then contacted the "technical" pundits of the Cup race series who were very interested in my questions but have told me to contact them in the new year :-( They did indicate that they might be able to offer me the roll cage which to be honest is the only truly specialist item. The seats can be bought from OMP or anyone else you youd prefer (Sparco, Corbeau etc.. etc..) the ECU Im not sure if its a good idea to change?? youd be making it very hard to get assistance if anything were to go wrong...

I also contacted Safety Devices and they want £1k + vat for a cage fitted, but when I ask for more details it went quiet... I guess theyre not geared up for dealing with the general public.

I am lead to believe K-tec offer the best clear side repeaters that dont require adjusting before fitting - I think theyre about £25?, their sites well worth a look :)

wasnt difficult m8 ;)

yep forgot to mention the lack of abs eysterday.

another reason other ½ was put off from buying one for everyday use.