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some help with spraying...


ClioSport Club Member
been spraying some plastic, bought some plastic primer and paint, got some wet and dry and went over the plastic to rough it up and key the surface, then washed it with white spirit to remove grease etc, and the dryed it off.

sprayed the primer onto it, can said leave for 15minutes between coats, so i left it 15 - 20, and put 2 coats on, but then the primer has cracked on the surface, its completely dried now on the plastic, should i put more primer on it and try and 'fill' in the gaps, or strip the primer?

also, what is the best way to strip it off the surface?paint stripper?
it might have cracked cos u have put too thicker layer on it!

i would sand it down and apply very thin a very thin layer


ClioSport Club Member
yeh thats what i think i did to be honest, hopefully it will be alright!

i decided to leave it for tonight to let it bond properly, and then ill take your advice and sand it down and try again!

hope it turns out ok, if not im screwed!
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Don't just put more and more over the top, it'll continue to crack in the same places.

Sand it right back and try again, the surface may have been a bit greasy from the white spirit or you may have put too much on. Very lightly spray across the plastic, leave 20 minutes, lightly spray again, leave 20 mins, etc, etc. You don't want an even layer of grey on the first coat because it'll probably be too thick.