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Some Scrot

Has let my front tyres down. Aint looked if they are slashed or just let down yet, really cant be bothered.

Alarm went off earlier (clifford concept 300) and i just turned it off without looking, it went off anouther 4 times and i just turned it off each time then put it on vallet mode (i lice in a really quite street and the alarm had been false activating earlier) Then i went out about an hour later and notice bothe front wheels are on the deck! ARSE!

I think i know who it is, and just went looking for him in me mums car, but couldnt find any one around! That will teach me to ignore my alarm, it was only about 6ish else i would have looked, the curtains wernt even shut! (but it wanst on my drive.)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

thats the thing with alarms, you need a reliable one

my Cobra has never false alarmed in a year now
  190 BHP Willy 2

my clifford concept 300 has never false alarmed.

You get a lifetime warranty on clifford alarms. Take it back to where it was fitted and theyll sort it for you. (if you know where it was fitted)