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some silly women wacked me today:(

was driving through a car park the day, then some dosy boot decided she wouldnt stop at the giveway. It was too late to stop, so i tried to accelerate past her, she clipped my rear wing. Damage aint too bad, scratched alloy and scratches on the rear bumper. I think the scraches(marks) will come off with polish and im getting new alloys anyway.

Bit annoyed, but just shows how sh*t women really are

ive got a good story for you...

driving towards the exit of bluewater car park during xmas period, i was following some woman in a sh*tty E-plate toyota. anyway, she was lokoking for a parking space, but coz it was so busy they were all taken. Anyway, the daft bat decided sahe wanted to park on some raised bit of ground (like a kerb on a road). But as she tried to drive up it, she didnt give it enough gas and just bounced off of the kerb - she started going backwards but was so thick she couldnt apply either the brakes or the clutch to stop her rolling back. The onl,y thing i could do was to whack my car in reverse and accelerate as fast as i could backwards.

But what pisses me off is that had there been someone behind me and i had gone into them, who would have been picking up the bill? crappy drivers.