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some technical advice needed please

  phase1 172
hi, ive just re-built my phase 1 172 clio after snapping a valve. just done the finishing touches, started the car, it started perfect like normal idled for a second then died and now wont re-start.

does anyone know what it could be, i have already checked the red cut out switch and its fine

any help will realy be appreciated


  phase1 172
are there no other forms of cut outs or safety sensors that could have kicked in, if you know what i mean
only other direct cut out is immobiliser really

as said, check if fuel is getting to the rail and if its sparking
Has it got an aftermarket alarm or immobiliser fitted? Or just the standard renault system?

Tried locking and unlocking the car then attempting to start it?
  phase1 172
it almost went, it wanted too but didnt, so i tried it again but the battery's gone now. cheers guys
Another thing to check is....the red light in the center of the dashboard, does it go out when you are trying to turn it over? If it does not go out there is something immobiliser related stopping it from starting
I think that means the immobiliser is active then, it should go out when cranking as far as I know.

Do you have a spare key you can try?
  phase1 172
no just the one key, how could the key loose its code all of a sudden though all of a sudden, the wierd thing is the car ran for a bit stumped
  Mk5 golf gti
yup ur immobiliser is stopping it starting
it could of reversed it self
sit in the car
lock it with the key fob then try starting it
  phase1 172
that red light was only flashing because the batery was dead, just tried bumping it and the light doesnt come on
  172 & LCR
Try using a jump lead from engine to car body to create a good earth then a well charged battery, bad earths cause havok with the immobilisers on these.
  phase1 172
hey guys, took the battery out, gave it a good charge, i assume the car re-set itself due to the battery being off over an hour, and it just started and went fine

cheers for all the advice though guys, top bunch