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Sony CDXM9900 Adapter lead

I have a Sony CDX M9900 head unit and i want to get the cable that works the display and the steering controls.(on a clio 182)

Has anyone with this head unit fitted and used this lead.

If so can you supply the exact part number or a link please.

Only if you are 100% sure of the part number, thanks

Got my M9900 last week, unfortunately havent had time to fit it yet. But looked into the same prob. try You can get two types: one for the steering padel (PC9-502), the other for Padel and existing display (cost a bit more).

cnic69: Let me know how you get on with the two as i will be doing the same very shortly. :D

can see the one for the steering controls but cant see another for the padel and display.

do they sell it on that site?

I have one for sale, used it in my 172 fr about 6 months for my Sony MD head - worked with steering stalk and remote display, I assume this is the same adapter? Worked with my MP3 changer too.

Mines a Connects2UK adapter - PM if interested or want more details?