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Soon to be Cup Owner need advice

Hi all,
Im getting my Cup on the 25th Nov, can anyone give me any advice info about the first few weeks with the car, things to look for expect etc

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Get a cheap internet subscription so you can spend enough time on this board!

Theres nothing really troublesome about the 172 really. Expect a few rattles and squeaks, and other minor build-quality issues that youd expect to get with a car costing 12k. They dont need much running-in - just a few days to make sure nothings going to fall off. Expect to get an airbag warning light on at some stage - nothing to worry about - its just the wiring under the seats and your dealer has a tech-note telling him how to fix it.

Buy lots of tyres whenever you see them for sale at a good price! Save up loads of ££££ for track days!

Thanks :)

Ill be in here loads (especially when i get the little beast and need to talk about it 24/7)

Top forum btw

Hi Owzy.good to see youve seen the light.

first things first,a radar WILL need this! second bin the filter, go for a k+N or green.and thirdly clear side theres a christmas list for you.happy shopping/driving.

telford mike,talking of tyres.ive got a pair of yoko A032rs.holy f** about just grips and grips and grips. got them for track days, but (as expected) there still on the car!,makes driving to work a lot more fun.umm tyre life.....................year right.

Hi all,

Hi there Owzy, Im looking forward to having a go in your Cup. Just make sure you get in run in ASAP then come round for a blast.

Talking tyres, I was just going to mail Owzy, but as this will be of use to everyone, and its where Ill be getting my tyres from now on.

I dont know about clio tyres, but the bridgestones I use are half the price most places quote, £74 quid each compared to £120-160.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Have you used them yet? The tyres that I was looking at look a little pricey (Toyo), but the wheel & tyre packages look really good value.

No, but a few people on the Honda-R & Evo forum have, think the price includes fitting or postage.

Just noticed that if you search here for , in March one of your guys negotiated a 10% discount for members.