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South Wales - Liquid Yellow 182 - MK05 HBE


ClioSport Club Member
  LY 182 T
Yeh my old car, sold her a year last August. Mate of mine had it off me. If anyone is thinking about buying and wants to give me a ring it's no probs
  Focus RS + S3
Glad you didnt mind butt

Got loads of pics on my phone of the car
Heres two for what its worth

I know i always go on but i miss this car 😧
  Turbo 182 Alfa 159
Still for sale at £3,995, at the same place.
(@Lal B3N )
It will be for sale for a very long time at that price. Realistically its probably worth 2k,maybe a tad more. Needs a lot of work.

I sacked it off and just bought one from Steve at Rsport without even viewing it because i knew it would be mint.
  SL55 AMG & E46 M3
I've got this LY182 now, I've recently treated it to 182 trophy seats and trophy suspension. I think an original steering wheel an V6 spoiler, I'll be done. It has the 172 Turins on and a magnex exhaust for now.