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Spare Key

  C1 VTR (Company Car)
I just tried to unlock my car with my spare key and nothing happened. The little light flashes on the key when I press it but the car wont unlock.

Anyone know a way I can fix this myself or is that key done with now?
I am having a similar issue, my spare key starts the car but I cannot unlock/ lock the car with it. Anyone know how to fix this?
Yeah but didnt do anything, the light in the middle of the dash just kept flashing. I have a mk2 and i was holding down the button on the left of the hazard switch...
  C1 VTR (Company Car)
I don't know if it works on the ph2, but you do have to hold the central locking button for quite some time, then you hear it lock and the light stays on. then you press teh key and the car locks/unlocks and it's done.
  Golf GTD Mk7
Could be the transponder in the key. Assuming your other key works which rules out the sensor. Count yourself lucky the key starts the car. Have you tried putting the key in the ignition and pressing the button?