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Speaker Advice Please

  V6 230

I am after a set of new speakers for the vee, they are 13cm in the doors and behind the seats.
I have a Alpine: iDA-X001 headunit and after I have upgraded the speakers may get an under seat sub as am after a little more volume and bass to the music.

Does anyone have any preferences for 13cm speakers?

Was looking at these:

p.s. I dont really want to change the tweeters under the dash or cut any cables so will be adding new wiring and taping the original up behind the trim.

Advice appreciated :)
  2002 172
the music of the engine was enough for me when i put a v6 in my astra.

as for speakers you want a decent set of components in the front, amped up so you can have the high pass filter on and just treble through them, then all the bass going to the sub. trust me the music quality will be outstanding