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Spec me some new pads/discs/braided brake lines

I will need to buy some new pads and discs all round in the next month or two. The plan is to upgrade the pads/discs for fast road/track use.

What would people recommend?
  RB 182
There is a group buy on the pads atm, Ferrodo DS2500... Call Yozzasport and see if Andrew can sort you out something for the whole package. Not too far from you also, save on Postage and have them fitted there?
The search function is your friend :D

I had a quick look, I was originally thinking about the following

Either Brembo Max or Brembo HC front discs
Ferodo DS2500 front pads
Standard pads/discs at the rear
Stainless Steel braided lines

Has anyone had both Brembo Max and HC front discs? Did you notice the difference? Where is the best place to get the rear discs from? After looking at GDI's website it says they cost just under £200 :S

I had a quick look on Yozza's site but it hardly shows any stock now (just one page of parts under "Renaultsport Parts") :dapprove:
This might sound like a stupid question! The rear discs come with wheel bearings, should I also be replacing the front wheel bearings when changing the discs? The car has covered 46k miles now and with wanting to do a few track days would it be wise to change them?