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Speed camera signs

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theres a revolution happening in doncaster, you see what was once my fruitful hunting ground is now awash with signs that show speed cameras. thing is theres no cameras, but it puts me off as i normally do pretty good speeds on these roads. the signs have appeared over the last few weeks and its done my ed in. these are perfectly straight roads but for some reason there pickin on us drivers.

im hopin that this is just cos of the law that police arent allowed to hide in trees etc that on the off chance they go out with the gun there covered by the signs????, am i right?, or can i look forward to the money grabbing, motorist bleeding t***s setting up a gatso near me


I was under the impression that if the police force in your area have opted into this new scheme, they are not allowed to have speed camera signs on roads with no speed cameras! That was straight from Quentin Wilson on Top, I mean Fifth Gear!


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Seeing that you mentioned Fifth Gear Teady, would you agree that both Driven and Fifth Gear have both gone downhill somewhat? :sick:

Bring back Top Gear, Jeremy, Quentin & Co :cool:
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you want to see what it is like near me! you cant go anywhere without seeing a camera sign (and i REALLY mean anywhere) they have put them up absoloutely everywhere! And in about 20 square miles i only know of 2 fixed gatso cameras. But they have several vans that they move about.

Gaz 2130

I yhink the rule is witihn a mile so they can be baughty and put signs on one road that relate to a camera on another nearly road.

best thing, Niel, is to get a geodessy or similar gps / databse unit.


Just thought Id let you know that top gear is returning on Sunday 20th October 2002 8:00pm - 9:00pm. Er, and yes, Jeremy will be back...!

it is the beggining! that happened on a couple of roads where i live the signs appeared then a couple of weeks later the gatsos popped up.