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Speedo problem! 172 Gearbox fitted doesn't have that speedo drive!

  phase 2 172 track
Have a 172 and it was bought with the speedo fault. A gearbox was fitted before I got the car but at the time I never put 2 and 2 together. I have the multi plug hanging down to plug into the speedo sensor but there's no hole in the box for it to go into.

Question is now has anyone had this problem and if so is there any way to wire up a speedo to the abs like the clio the box came from.

Total pain this.
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In general, If you have either a Ph1 172 or a 172 Cup then the simple answer to your question is no... New gearbox with a speedo drive will be required.
  phase 2 172 track
It's an 02 full fat 172 if it makes any odds, I've a good auto spark that does work for me so any pointers appreciated.
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On a Ph1 172 / Ph2 172 cup the reading is from the sensor in the box, all other variants get the readings from the ABS sensors
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Also I think some late Ph1's have a sensor in the gearbox as well.
All ph1 do.
Early proper ph2 172 do
all 172 Tesco value cups do
all late ph2 proper 172 don't (52/03 is change over roughly but depends how quick car was registered)
all 182 inc cup and trophy don't
Can different clocks or ecu not sort this? Or is re coding what you've got the most cost effective way?
well, new dials provide the issue of finding the correct mileage, and you could still end up with a set that had a speedo drive.

Recoding by someone who really knows their way around CLiP is the best option, but not easy to find.
  phase 2 172 track
It's a track car ..... so the miles I'm not to concerned about. Really just need a speedo sorted ASAP. So if I was to chase up clocks would they need to be from a 172? Any differences in the multi plugs at the back etc? I've a Renault breaker 10 mins from me so I could plug and try a few clocks ya no.
  phase 2 172 track
What about non speedo drive 182? (Just so I can fill in the breakers just) ..... I'll be on the chase for clocks ASAP!!
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Have you reconfigured the UCH in clip to send the speedo data from the ABS to the clocks? Thought that was needed to TBH although I know very little about Clip I normally just go running to Dan@SJM if I need anything doing on clip as I havent got it, lol.
  phase 2 172 track
No I just plugged them in as I thought it would work. Will have to try and find someone local who has it. What does uch stand for?
  phase 2 172 track
I'm considering changing my uch here. Can anyone tell me if an ecu/uch will work from a 182? Or will I need to source one from a 172?