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Spoted... BRAINTREE -> Night Icon

Spotted last night going down notley road at speed limit with mobile in hand lol

I was on the way home from work mate, sorry if i put u off by waving, just thought after last time id say hi

  172 sport,

oy you that excuse has a pattent on it have used it twice b4 saying i used the ariel to scratch me ear but now i dont have an ariel so i might be buggred with it unless i tell em its lodged in me ear and the reason im speeding is coz im going to the hospital to get it removed

Hello Mate,

I thought i saw u drive on so i carried on walkin home. Doh

Nxt time i wil hang about.

Nice one about the phone, its an excellent scratching device

Oh have you seen? There a guy with a new CTR on the cruise round Btree? I think hes a member of that Damn Riverside poncy Sorry Possy Have u raced him yet?