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Spotted in Bristol town centre tonight...

  Brisol my lover..
As above there was accident by the hippadrome, some bloke had been knocked down.Went up park street and when i came back down there was a 53 plate clio cup parked up, were you involved??? the bloke looked quite bad.
Yeah me and ChrisE, these 2 lads were picking a fight on 1 guy which I felt was a bit harsh, the 1 guy was trying to calm them down obv didnt want a fight, but then they started circling round him so he knocked them both out cold on the floor then walks off!! Called the police n tht, the 2 lads were ok just bit of blood and grazes where they hit the floor. Bet they won't be picking on a guy like that again!
ps werent actually involved were driving past as it was happening so rang police and whipped it back round to see if they were ok


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
knowing those two homos, they were coming out of the pink elephant...