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Spotted YR02*** Silver Mk2 172 at Fitness First in Derby.

I cant believe its taken this long to spot me,I saw you months ago!!
I didnt know wether to put a cliosport flyer on your car but thought you might be a middle aged woman with 2 kids and no interest in cars(youre not are you?!)
Dont suppose youve seen my FF pass have you, I lost it on Fri and its a fiver for a new one!
Im Caroline anyway. I bet ive seen you in the gym but just dont know who you are!

I was actually talking to our new friend cos I know youre going!! AND Im not defending your honour again this time by trying to fight with people who are trying to fight with you!!!
Are we doing the old getting p****d in the afternoon and then curry thing the night before again?????

Sorry Caroline! Yep I guess we could be talked into an overnight stay and some beers!

You gonna run your car this time?


I saw your car for the first time a couple of weeks ago, but I didnt see the Cliosport sticker.

Whats happening in York???


Nice one Stu. One tip - dont run like I did!

However after racking up another 1800 miles in France Im fastly appraoching the 10k mile mark - the car seems to be running a lot quicker !

Over to the Meetings forum then?


Stu_H - check out the meetings forum RWYB York 25th - York drag strip. Looks like myself and Caroline/Stuman will Convoy up to York from Nottingham/Derby on 24th. Hopefully this will involve meeting Dave(OutCast) and Ivan (Chavyboy) for some beers later and then onto the Dragstrip the following day where there will be more Cliosport members.

If this sounds good come along and join the fun.


Hi Stu
A few of us are going to York to visit the drag strip. You can do the 1/4 mile and get a print out of your time. We went earlier this year and made a weekend of it. Went on Sat morning and explored York then went for a curry Sat night and then Sunday on to the drag strip. Thats how Me and Stu met Rich and Ella, we all went together from Derby. We also met quite a few more people once in York. Its definately a good weekend!!
You need to check the mmeting forum for more info though.

Sounds good, ill definately try and go if ive not got anything on that weekend (and I dont think I have).

Ill keep an eye out for you FF card.